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The Worst “Who Wore It Better” Moment Ever

There are many moments in early life that shape you forever and define your character.  Here’s one of my favorites…. Imagine being a super gangly, pre-pubescent freshman headed to her first high-school beach party. The excitement was overwhelming. I had weeks to plan. Each night my expectations of the party grew and of course every vision included some cute boy falling in love with me because I looked so hot in my bikini. The key problem here was I had no boobs to hold up a bikini and my rib cage could compete with a greyhound. Needless to say, I had to find the perfect suit to make me look like Cindy Crawford. I begged my mom to take me to the coolest bathing suit store in town to find something  that would flatter all of my non-existent curves. It took hours of torture but I ended up with a super cute one piece that was electric pink on the bottom and neon purple with hot pink stripes on the top. I actually felt amazing in it and couldn’t wait for my moment to shine! Saturday came and I took over an hour getting ready (big hair 80’s coupled with blue eyeliner had to be flawless). My mom dropped me off at the beach with my girlfriends and our spirits were high. Of course all of my girlfriends seemed to have hit puberty two years before me, so bathing suit issues never even crossed their minds. We walked in with the proper attitude, threw our beach towels down, sat down and discreetly stripped down to our suits. Both of my girlfriends said how fab my one piece was which made me feel great even though they had the high school required bikini on. Even one of our guy friends mentioned he liked my suit. With this false sense of security I mustered up enough courage to stand up and go for a swim with my friends. This entailed walking a 100 feet from my towel to the water where everyone could see every inch of my body. This was the moment I had dreaded but I was armed and ready with my super high fashion neon dream suit.  Gracefully we rose and started heading towards  the water when all of the sudden I noticed all eyes were on me.  In a delirious state I thought to myself, damn I must look really good, so I shot my biggest smile. No one smiled back because they were all staring with their mouths agape as the hottest senior girl wearing the same suit stood behind me. When I say the same suit, I mean the same colors & by the same designer, but hers was the much cooler, tinier and sexier bikini version. It accentuated every curve a woman could ever dream of and I was left standing beside  her in my worst nightmare. Luckily the senior bombshell was not your highschool cliché, but the sweetest girl and complimented me on my one piece, too. The moment was still ego shattering but every cloud has a silver line. It strongly instilled in me how important it is to have a unique style. I've lived that way ever since and have always tried to pick clothes that not everyone and their mother are wearing.  My store, Range, is the perfect embodiment of this mindset. Our collection is finely curated with amazing designers both from California and Atlanta. Most of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind too! BTW, if you've ever had a "who wore it best" moment please share & make sure to start shopping with us here at Range Boutique :-)


Sarah English Perry

Sabrina, when I was in college and home for a quick break, I was invited to go to a men’s club party that was held on a boat on the Potomac river. Ten minutes before my date showed up, I realized that the cleaners had ruined my dress. Since all of my clothes were back at school, I rushed to my mother’s closet for help. I was also flat chested at that time and the only dress I could find was too low cut for me. In a flash of brilliance, I decided to wear the dress backwards. I was feeling quite pleased with myself until the boat was in the middle of the river and I noticed a beautiful, buxom girl wearing the exact same dress only hers was the right way around! With no escape from the boat, I headed to the bar, had a stiff drink or ten and walked away with a great story!!


Love that story Sarah! Obviously you felt my pain!

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