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Summer Scarves, Hats and Perfume: Fashionable and Functional

What do scarves, hats, and perfume have in common? Other than being some of my favorite things, they also tie for  “Best Accessory in a Warm & Humid Climate”award.  Benefits are blocking out sun,  helping us smell and look better and (most importantly for me) two of them cover up bad hair days.

scarf-tiedye-veronica m

When it comes to style, I love looking good but I hate taking lots of time getting there. That’s why summer's is my favorite season…. it’s all about being carefree & relaxed.  Hats & scarves help make lazy more stylish because they make a casual look more interesting. They give you a break from doing your hair every day and they are so easy to mix in. So why not put on a scarf and add that summer piece that is not only fashionable but also functional to your look?  It adds a touch of boho-chicness to your outfit for both day/night plus they can be used to wrap around your shoulders to keep away the chill if temps drop.  Frizzy summer hair? Use a scarf to wrap it up. Instant cool! Growing out bangs? Wear a scarf as a headband!   Checkout some of the ways I’m wearing scarves and try a fun, easy way yourself.


Scarves not your thing? Hats also make the perfect bad hair day cover-up. They ‘re not just for the beach and pool anymore. Wear them during the day to keep the sun off while you run errands or throw on at night with a cute dress and wedges.

lace-hat-veronica m

Finally, what about a perfume that smells great and keeps away mosquitos? Aromaflage (available at Range Boutique) is exactly that – a perfume with a light, fresh scent that also repels mosquitos and does not contain deet, parabens, or other other chemicals. Yum!

perfume-insect repellent-aromaflage
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Happy Summer! Sabrina Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta California Southern Style


Margot L. Levinson

Are headbands still fashionable? I love them as well as scarves but they stay on better, especially with thick hair and like scarves, they make for great accessories!

Style Ranger

Will check them out! Thanks for reading.


Love how you styled the scarves! Please check out my oversized scarves as well! I’m based in Atlanta. :)

Style Ranger

Margot, we love headbands, too! Just make sure they are colorful and fun. Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a wonderful and fashionable summer.

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