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Packing for Summer Vacation - Be Ready For Some Fun

summer vacation fashion

Summer is in full swing and it's time to start packing for that big vaca you planned! It's challenging especially if you're anything like me & don't have every last minute of your trip planned. What if you're headed to a casual beach trip and you run into friends who invite you to a party of all the "See & Be Seen of the South"......will you be ready? With a few tweaks to some casual outfits, you can be prepared for anything!

veronica m-cream-tank

Case in point, I vacationed in the South of France with 17 girlfriends two years ago. It was an awesome trip with lots of shopping, sipping wine and relaxing beach-side. Last minute we were invited to Monaco for a Duran Duran concert and hung out backstage with Simon & crew. I thanked the heavens that I brought some heels and a statement necklace. My outfit was awesome - strapless dress that looked cute during the day but hotter than ever at night with my Fendi stilettos! The memories from that night will live forever especially because I was fashion perfect for my moment of glory.

Duran Duran-Monaco-girls trip
Duran Duran in Monaco with my gal you ladies + love Simon Le Bon!

Be ready for the summer vacation surprise that is sure to pop up when you least expect it. Obviously pack your swimsuit, cover-up, and flip-flops. Don’t forget that something special though like a gray dress that goes from day to night effortlessly just by adding a necklace & sassy pair of shoes.

nation ltd-grey-dress

Another wise choice is a skirt/shirt combo that works as a dress or great as separates. Each piece is  perfect for summer day activities. Combine them together, add some heels, make-up, and a cool hairdo.... you'll be dressed to the nines!


Other no-brainers to bring are fun tanks & great fitting jeans that can be worn day or night.

dylan-crochet-tank-neon pink
dylan-crochet-neon-pink-level 99-white-skinnies
Have fun & wear sunscreen Style Rangers!


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