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Going Loco for Local

Atlanta: Shop Local
Eat, Pray, Love Atlanta  - Photo Courtesy of

Shopping, dining & playing local isn't only imperative to a city's economy, it's also a blast! Atlanta has so many fabulous restaurants & local businesses that we don't take advantage of often enough, so here's a list of some of my favorites you can get out & enjoy

Atlanta Local Restaurants
Local Three Restaurant - photo courtesy of

Atlanta Dining - We are lucky to be a wonderful & eclectic cuisine city including great farm-to-market restaurants like Local 3 (had our most recent holiday party here), Buttermilk Cafe (great for a pick me up after a hard workout or late night out), & Miller Union (great date spot).

Atlanta Farmer's Markets Rock - photo courtesy of
Atlanta Farmer's Markets Rock - photo courtesy of

Not up for dining out? Take advantage of one of our amazing farmer’s markets including my favorite - Peachtree Farmer's Market.

Atlanta Fashion
Range Boutique - The Perfect Combination of Atlanta & West Coast Designers

Of course you can’t talk local without including my favorite local goodies....Atlanta fashion designers! We have cutting edge jewelry and clothing designers who are making Southern cooler than ever! These designers travel extensively and create their vision by blending local southern style with worldly fashion.

Shop Atlanta
Atlanta Jewelry Designer, Ingrid Ysla available at Range Boutique

Ingrid Ysla Jewelry creates hip & edgy designs that are not only beautiful but versatile. I wear her line all the time with just about anything and everything. It's definitely my go-to and my customers drool over it.

Shop Atlanta
Atlanta Jewelry Designer, Tracy Dean available at Range Boutique

Tracy Dean, founder of Designs by Tracy Dean, travels and researches different cultures and their use of symbols which she incorporates into each piece she designs. Her pieces are boho-chic and look stunning layered. Perfect for day or night.

Shop Atlanta
Atlanta Jewelry Designer, Caros Jewelry available at Range Boutique

Caros Jewelry creator Gayle Casale works with West Coast semi precious stone distributors and uses unique metals to make classic pieces that are trendy and affordable. She's one of our top sellers and has mastered effortless style. 

Handmade Silk Tops
Atlanta Clothing Designer, Dianne Price available at Range Boutique

Local clothing designer Dianne Price is the creator of phenomenal silk blouses that are hand sewn and many are hand tie dyed. They are one size fits all, easy & comfortable to wear. We gave Dianne her start and it's paid off exponentially because our customers love her style. As a matter of fact, they are one of our best sellers consistently the last four years with women of all ages.

Sara Blakely - Atlanta Local Gone National Designer
Sara Blakely of Spanx - Atlanta Local Gone National Designer

How about Atlanta's most well known clothing designer? Sara Blakely - creator of Spanx. Not only is she a customer, her product is a world sensation! We love her, we love her line that makes our customers look better than ever and we love that she's based in Atlanta! For more local fun, check out these links. Now go out and get your local on: 50 Fun Things to Do In Atlanta Farm to Table Restaurants in Atlanta Atlanta's favorite local band - Yacht Rock Revue Events in Atlanta xoxo Sabrina - Style Ranger


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