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Street Style in the South

I spent 4th of July weekend in Nantucket which was one of my best trips ever. Although the beginning of the trip was a little challenging with storm Arthur threatening to destroy our fun, my girlfriends and I refused to be deterred. 

Nantucket Fashion, Pearl Restaurant Nantucket
In Nantucket you should always wear protection :-)

This charming little island had amazing restaurants, people, parties and lots of fashion sight seeing. Everyone looked like they walked right out of a Lily Pulitzer or Ralph Lauren ad, so I was happy I had remembered to include a pair of turquoise bermudas and some bold colored clothes to my weekend wardrobe.

Nantucket Fashion, Cru Restaurant, 4th of July
4th of July@CruNantucket. Big thanks to the cute guy who sent over the bubbly!

I loved all the bright colors and clean lines Nantucket style had to offer, but even after a few days I missed the street style I wear day-to-day. Although the ATL is not a walking city like New York or even Los Angeles’ beach communities, our street style is alive and well here. Gone are the days southern people only wear tailored pants and tops from Talbots! Bright colors and patterns still reign strong, but a new edginess has evolved in the mix.

nation ltd-track pant
Atlanta Street Style - Shop Range Boutique Now for the Look

Wondering what street style is? It means exactly what the name says - fashion worn around the streets that shows someone's unique personality. My own street style is a combination of California's laid back feel with a slightly more feminine spin. Perfect example, a printed sweatpant is uber casual & edgy (totally west coast) but I pair it with a baby pink tee & some sparkle to make it slightly more feminine (Atlanta loves feminine).

Atlanta Street Style - Shop Range Boutique Now for the Look

I also adore graphic tees because they are an easy "go-to piece" in the world of street style. I wear them with jeans or sweats for a super casual feel or sometimes go eclectic by switching jeans to a tailored pant or frilly skirt.

chaser-graphic tee
Atlanta Street Style - Shop Range Boutique Now for the Look

Don't forget to add a drapey, light cape in the mix - upcoming fall's top trend. They are definitely my new favorite bohemian chic look and they are perfect to hit the streets comfortably. I also love to throw on some baubles to boost the "WOW" factor of any outfit!

Atlanta Street Style - Shop Range Boutique Now for the Look

Another simple but super-fun way  to add flair to an outfit is to throw on a pair of retro-style sunglasses. I'll be pulling out some of my glasses I saved from high school for "round 2" this summer and love that no one else will have them because they're vintage.

Staw hats, pithe helmets, retro sunglasses
Looks like my look from the 80's is ready for "Round 2".

Whatever you do to create your street style, just make sure you are comfortable. The better you feel, the better you will look. Your own style will shine through if you aren't trying too hard to be something you're not. So if you love lace, polka dots, or combat boots - incorporate it in to your look. You can't go wrong if you follow the trends as long as you do them your own way. Now go out and hit the streets fellow Style Rangers! xoxo, Sabrina - Style Ranger


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