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Tips on Shopping Summer Sales

I can’t believe it is time to start thinking about Back-to-School and fall clothing when it is 95 degrees outside. With technology spoiling us rotten and making us an instant gratification society, fashion rules of “buying the upcoming season three months in advance” have become antiquated.   Long gone are the days of planning your fall wardrobe months before it even hits 70 degrees! This disconnect in the fashion world is difficult for store owners but means one great thing for the consumer – amazing summer sales!summer sale
Range Summer Sale Going on Now- Shop in Person or Online Now

Stores are marking down tons of their summer wear now, so it’s a great time for all you immediate gratification fiends to get amazing deals on items you can wear today!

Shop Summer Sale Going on Now At Range Boutique

Even though I own a boutique and support retail in all it’s glory, I love me a good sale, too. When shopping bargains though, I have a few rules that seem to help me get even more bang for my buck. First and foremost, I rarely buy online. I went through a period of being obsessed with Gilt & Haute Look but found that I got tons of items that had a horrible fit or looked nothing like the picture. I would have never bought these items had I tried them on. With this in mind, I focus on shopping local at all my favorite boutiques. (BTW, Jeffrey’s shoe sale is at 60% off now!)

mickey & jenny-terry-top
Summer Sale Going on Now At Range Boutique

If I do decide to buy sale items online, I try to make sure the store or seller doesn’t have a ton of that item in stock. If they do, it’s another bad sign that something is amiss with the item. As a store owner we have the luxury of sending poor fit or quality items back to the designer and these are often times what end up on the flash sale sites.

blue life-dress-high slit
Range Summer Sale Going on Now - Shop In Person or Online Now

Another tip for sale shopping (in person) is to disregard size. Often time sale items have gone on sale because they were sized incorrectly. When I go to a sale, I grab anything and everything I think looks pretty regardless of size. It’s a few extra minutes of your time, but often times I find a hell-of-a-deal!


Amadi-Black & White-Dress
Summer Sale Going on Now At Range Boutique

So now that you know that summer sales are going on in full force and your guided by my tips, get out and get some great deals. We have posted some of our sale items online, have a ton in store,  plus the Buckhead Boutique Warehouse Sale is July 25-26 at the Shops Around Lenox.  Atlanta’s top boutiques, including Range Boutique, will be there with deals on amazing summer styles….up to 80% off!

Buckhead Boutique Sale
Boutique Bargains Warehouse Sale - For A List of Stores Click Here

xoxo Sabrina Davis Your Style Ranger


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