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Gwyneth Lover or Hater? or Type A vs. Laid Back

Do you love or hate the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world….the woman who is running a perfectly organized & immaculately decorated home, owns a successful business, kids are picture perfect, hair is done flawlessly, always has on an outfit from the cover of Vogue (or InStyle for that matter), and on top of it all she works out every day? (click here for other celebrities women love or hate)

Gwyneth Paltrow Lover or Hater
She's Got It All - Photo courtesy of  InStyle Magazine

Personally I’m fascinated, admirative and jealous of this type of woman, but let me be abundantly clear…I have no desire what-so-ever to be her!

Gwyneth Pal
This is more my look.....California Southern Style Available at Range Boutique

I appreciate that my Type A attitude helps me excel, but there has never been a point in life that I’ve had the time or desire to get everything done & be Barbie-doll perfect, too. I love sleep and am not willing to give up tasty dinners to look a little better. Nor do I want to take an hour a day to have perfect hair, flawless make-up and a runway outfit that is uncomfortable. TORTURE!

krisa wide leg linen pants
California Southern Style Available at Range Boutique

Instead, I choose a more relaxed approach to life & fashion. It’s so much a part of my mantra that I made it my boutique's tagline: California Southern Style….a combination of the laid back feel & “wear whatever I want attitude” I learned in California in my 20’s with a slightly more colorful & feminine feel, plus a dash of sophistication that is truly southern. The overall look is casual, chic & effortless. My clients and I love it because it doesn’t involve tons of time in the morning to figure out what to wear. 

chaser brand tank, level 99 forever black denim
California Southern Style Available at Range Boutique

I introduced this CSS to Atlanta 8 years ago which was just in time to be influential in the southern woman trending her wardrobe to a more casual feel. Comfy clothes & workout wear has become a daily staple for many Buckhead women these days and my store helped them master this look seamlessly.

Saint Grace Tank, sold denim
California Southern Style Available at Range Boutique[/caption]

The key to California Southern style is comfortable clothes that look great and are fun without having to stress about the outfit being perfect. A laid-back look can mean a great pair of jeans, loose fitting tee, or an off the shoulder top. It looks great if you are running around town during the day, or dressing up the same outfit with a cool jewelry & a pair of heels for a night out. Just remember this, a truly great style is one that makes YOU feel comfortable – so if the look fits, wear it! P.S. I guess I'm a Gwyneth lover & hater :-) Sabrina - Your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta - California Southern Style


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