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What the hell is she wearing?????

Are you a Vogue style fashionista or an everyday woman who takes the trends and makes them a little more user friendly? I love being in touch with the hottest upcoming styles, but sometimes magazines & designers make them look so costumesque that I just have to say WTF? Am I really going to go out in an outfit like below? Hell NO!

Vogue - Fall 2014 Trends
Vogue Magazine's Top Fall Trends.....Would you wear this to dinner in Atlanta?
realistic fashion
Here's an outfit I would wear out for a fun night in Atlanta.

Yes the Vogue outfit makes a statement, but it's absolutely not something I would ever grab from my closet. I'm not saying that I don't love looking through the pages of Vogue, I just know that my lifestyle requires a more realistic approach to fashion. I like sexy, comfy, relaxed and hip - not something that looks like I'm trying way too hard or that I can't move in.     Here are some of my picks for fall's top trends vs. Vogue's runway picks.....

Veronica M - animal print dress-fall fashion 2014
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Animal Prints -  I love this sexy, rouched dress by Veronica M. Styled with layers of jewelry to make it more edgy, but would also be fab with a simple gold necklace and black stilletos. Vogue's runway look has animal prints paired with bold colors and loose fitting styles. Love the jacket but don't think I'd do the whole look.

Vogue Magazine
Vogue Magazine Top Fall Trends - Animal Print

Ombre - I adore a comfy tee dress by LA CA USA funked up with some awesome motorcycle booties & bling by Ingrid Ysla.

LA CA USA - ombre - dress-ingrid ysla necklace
Range Boutique - Buy The Dress Now

Vogue is showing ombre more via bold stripes. I might wear the jacket but would pair it with black jeans & cobalt blue silk tank.

fall fashion trends 2014
Vogue Magazine Top Fall Trends - Ombre Striping

Floral - I like it paired with leather & studs because it is feminine with a little bit of a rocker chic!

Nation LTD floral tank

Vogue has floral mania going on!This outfit is just too much for me, especially with the boots.

vogue magazine-fall trends-2014
Vogue Top Fall Trends: Florals

What trends will you be wearing this fall - Style Ranger or Vogue? xoxo - Sabrina - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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