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What's He Looking At???

We can guarantee that he's not looking at you if you are wearing high-waisted shorts, frumpy jeans or a shirt with your bra showing!  According to Huffington Post last year, there were 23 styles that men hate that women love, including wedge sneakers, peplum tops and beanie hats. We don't agree with everything on it but it's certainly interesting to hear a guys perspective so check it out - Click Here to Read

Sabrina Davis Range Boutique
Me in a Casual but still Sexy Look

As for me, I dress for myself or for men. When I'm in super lazy mode, that's "all me" but once I put a little effort in, I'm more than likely to have some sex appeal (for him) even in my most casual styles. If you're interested in impressing him, here's some guidelines on what we think he'll love day or night!

skinny jeans
The Right Jean Can Be Super Sexy - Buy Level 99 Now At Range Boutique

You got it, flaunt it!  -  We're not saying the tighter the better....but the average man is! If  you're working hard to keep your body fit, he wants to see it.  An easy intro into tight is skinny jeans or jeggings.  If you're feeling super sassy, pair them with a fitted tee or sweater and stilettos or knee high boots. If you're feeling a little less "look at me" & want to be sexy but still casual, throw on a flowing top or a sweater that drapes off the shoulder.

Krisa rouched dress, cutouts
Show Some Skin - Shop  Range Boutique
Get skin-ny! - The women who dress for men are known for showing a little skin somewhere in their ensemble. Whether it's a mini-skirt, low cut top or a backless dress - they dare to go bare. If it's cold out they may keep the skin flashing down to a minimum, but they'll still figure out a peek-a-boo somewhere - possibly a cut out on the back of a top or on shoulders.
krisa keyhole

Show off them Gams - There's a reason ZZ Top's song "LEGS" hit # 1. Men love legs! Whether your legs are long or short, there's plenty of ways to maximize how great they are. For shorter legs, a slim, A-line skirt looks great with a bootie or a mid-calf boot with  a heel. Make sure not to get too high up on your calf because you'll lose all of the leg in the look. Longer legs shine with a loose fitting dress & stilletos or a rouched mini and high boots.

bardot leather pant
Simple Black Pant Suit - Buy Pants, Jacket & Necklace Now At Range Boutique

Don't go Overboard unless you're Goldie Hawn - although I love the hit 80's movie "Overboard" it's only fun to go overboard if Kurt Russel is saving you. Men don't love too much of anything - makeup, jewelry or even showing off too much skin. They want their lady to look hot but not so much that everyone is staring. We took a simple black pant suit, blinged it up a tinge with some studded heels and then added a delicate necklace to complete the look. Hope this gets you ready for date night or a fun outing with your beau, soon-to-be beau or hubby. xoxo Sabrina Davis - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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