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Are you a Knitwit????

This fall, don't be a nitwit when it comes to your sweaters!!!!!! Be a knitwit - someone who is charming and witty who wears the best sweaters!

Cashmere Obsessed - Check out our new sweaters at Range Boutique!

Join Style Rangers everywhere (your fellow knitwits) in your love of the warm cozy feel of a comfy over-sized sweater, the wispy warmth of angora or the luxurious feel of cashmere. To keep you on your "A-game" as a "knitwit", let's explore the fabrics that keep us toasty from fall, winter, spring and anytime we are chilly in between.

atlanta sweaters
Relaxed & Comfy Sweaters at Range Boutique

Cashmere - The caviar of fabrics! This is the good stuff and you’ll pay a pretty penny for it the softer it is. ...but it will be the pivotal piece in your sweater collection. Providing fashion and elegance, while keeping you warm, cashmere is everything we want in a sweater, scarf or wrap.  Whether you're a simple twin set kind of a gal or love the effortless glamour a tossed wrap provides, cashmere is your go to fabric for cool weather and is one of our all time favorites. Wool (blend) - Wool, while incredibly versatile usually calls for a thin layer of cotton underneath, to avoid "the itchies". Added bonus of the layer is it cuts out dry-cleaning and possible shrinkage from dry-cleaning.  Wool sweaters are great with denim and give a clean, classic feel. Just remember to put cedar in your closets or lavendar spray because moths love wool just as much as we do. Acrylics  - They are less expensive, versatile, fun and usually come in fun colors and funky patterns. Just be careful though, because they can lack breathability so don't wear them on the dance floor when you're working up a sweat!  If you want to do a trend for a low price point - acrylic is calling your name!

cashmere in atlanta
Color Pop Sweaters- Shop Range Boutique

Angora  - Angora is known for its softness, thin fibers, and fluffiness. It's silky texture and warmth make it a viable alternative to wool, but with a much lighter, romantic &  "floaty" feel. One of my favorite sweaters of all times was a white angora sweater that made me look angelic while I was being a little devil in my 20's. One notation though - be careful if you're allergic to bunnies because it's made from rabbit hair.

vintageous sweaters
Fun & Different Sweaters - Shop Range Boutique

Mohair - This shiny durable fabric is warm in the winter and can be worn in the summers, as the fibers have a "wicking" effect.  It provides the same fluffy/floaty feel of angora, but can also be itchy so don't forget the layering tee! Cotton/Linen - We love cotton/linen sweaters but they aren't always the warmest. Pull them out when we are jumping into spring or right at the beginning of fall. They are awesome for layering and are usually my top pick when there is just a bit of chill in the air! Now that you have the 411 on sweaters, make sure to swaddle yourself up fashionably and keep warm this fall & winter. A visit to Range Boutique is a "must" because we have the best sweater selection in Atlanta. xoxo- Sabrina Davis your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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