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No Need for a Renee Zellweger "Makeover" for this Shot

Renee Zellweger, Then and Now
You don't have to go to extremes to look good in pictures! Photo Credit - E! Online
Extreme Makeover, Different Face, Same Person! Photo Credit - Bitten and Bound

Celebrity or not, most Americans LOVE the camera. You don't have to take the extreme measures Jennifer Grey and Renee Zellweger took to look fab in photos though.

how to take a selfie
Selfie's are the New Norm - Outfit from Range Boutique

Whether you are the object of a photographer or on the flip side of a SELFIE, being camera ready is important. Let's talk about how to look effortlessly gorgeous for that all important FLASH without a needle, knife or beauty team! Posture, confidence, flawless glowing skin, "awake" eyes and perhaps an extended and slightly bent "you talkin' to me" neck are a good place to start.  Too much to remember???.... let's break it down. The eyes...even the most well-rested, fresh-faced celebs get help here.  Our first tip, faux lashes applied by a professional.  If this expense is too much for your budget, start with a lash curl.  It helps to apply a little heat with a hair dryer when curling, then apply two coats of mascara. P.S. Make sure mascara is new to avoid the Tarantula Look. Your eye make up should look effortless, but still make your eyes pop. No wild colors - stick with the neutrals and make sure to line the eyes for some more definition.

cameron diaz, photo
Cameron Diaz is always picture perfect! Photo courtesy of

Next, get your tan on!  A tan applied by a professional is well worth the added expense. Go easy on the face, as too much tan can accentuate wrinkles. If you do decide to tan your face too, make sure to be subtle....a little tanner goes a long way on your mug. Show your flexibility -  Photos can be deceiving - in a GOOD way!  Angle your body by twisting your torso, turn one shoulder toward the camera then the other away from it, shift your right leg forward and place your arm on your hip.  If your arms are bare try to naturally flex. No slouching!  Roll your shoulders back being mindful not to look like your mother is telling you to do so!

A lot of posturing going on with this group!
A lot of posturing going on with this group!

Flash your pearly whites - Again, professional or over the counter, whiten those teeth.  Dull yellow teeth are NOT acceptable.  Smile naturally, try laughing and request a count down so you get a natural more flattering smile versus a plastered Miss America "world peace" grin.  Add a hint of mauve or red lip color in a skin tone appropriate shade.  Cheese not so much. Money is where it's at!  The "e" sound make the corners of the mouth turn up and eyes slightly crinkle for a more genuine smile.  Grab a mirror and see the difference.  While you've got the mirror find your own signature Zoolander grin.

Zoolander - blue steele
Zoolander the art of the perfect pose! Photo courtesy of

Lastly and, of course most important as a Style Ranger...CLOTHES!  A Monochromatic figure flattering outfit is key to a complete fab photo look!  Cream can brighten your face while dark colors hide figure flaws. Don't be afraid to add an extra layer of jewelry. While it may look extreme in person, it will photograph nicely.

Neutral clothing with lots of accessorizing worked perfectly for this shot! Styled by Range Boutique

3-2-1 and SMILE! xoxo -  your Style Ranger - Sabrina Davis Range Boutique - Atlanta


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