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Layering Gone Horribly Awry!!! Learn to layer now!

All The Single Layer, All The Single Layers! Fickle weather? What to do? More importantly..what to wear?! Grab your sleeveless tank, tissue tees, tunics, v-necks, scarves, gloves and any other accessory you can think of (if you do not have any of the aforementioned articles stop by Range for a complete fall wardrobe)!!!! Now, let's take a stroll down layering lane.

how to layer clothes
Photo Courtesy of Topshelfclothes

Layering is the key to maintaining style, warmth and comfort, especially for those of us who live in a southern state; however, Style Ranger be warned....if you are petite, full-figured or a layering addict, BEWARE! Less is more when it comes to the Law of Layering.

layering clothes, fall layers, floppy hats, puffy jacket
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Rule #1, Save the bulk for Costco Shopping..avoid the bulky look too many layers can bring. If you opt for a long flowey skirt, pair it with a sleeveless turtle neck and a fitted cropped blazer for added warmth. Feeling toasty? Toss the blazer and use a thin but season appropriate wrap.

A gaunt-faced Mary-Kate Olsen leaves a friend's apartment
Try not to over-do your layering! Photo from Huffington Post.

Rule #2, LENGTH matters...note, I said length. Again, petites and full-figured ladies, your extra layer needs to fall in a flattering spot.  Not all are blessed with the behind that can pull off leather pants or jeggings without covering up a tad.  Pairing tight sassy pants with a chunky sweater and a statement necklace will help to make the ensemble flattering and bring wondering eyes to somewhere other than you rear end.

skinnytank, redandblue, skinnyjeans, patterns
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Rule #3, coordination and flow.  Fabric colors and textures need to coordinate and compliment each other.  The same goes with jewelry.  Ease up Liberace, one chunky cocktail ring is enough.  Continue the sentiment with your neckline and wrist.  A glittery eye catching cocktail ring (hello, you will be holding a cocktail and thus said ring will do it's job) only needs the company of a thin fitted bracelet (no cuffs wonder woman) and a long single pendant necklace. Layer on ladies, layer on! xoxo - Sabrina Davis - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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