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Check out who needs to put a lid on it!!!

Brits do it, boys do it...but should YOU do it?!  Odds are, if you're attending a Royal Wedding (across the pond) or a guy doing, well just about anything, you frequent the hat rack.  But what about us, your average gal....can we wear hats? YES! YES, you can!

baseball cap, trucker hat

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Your hat should complete your outfit not COMPETE with your outfit. Don't put a chic structured fedora with an ethereal hippy ensemble, likewise a floppy hat has no business with super full pants or a puffer jacket - just too much.  Check out one of our Style Rangers below, demonstrating the good "hat flow".

felt fedora, how to wear hats

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When choosing a hat keep your face shape in mind.  If your face is long and thin choose a wide brimmed fedora or a cloche hat - think 1920's felt fabric with a grosgrain ribbon or a feather. If you've got a square face with a strong jawline, try softening it up with a floppy hat with curvy lines.  For small faces or fuller mugs be mindful to chose a hat that is in proportion to your face.  Small faces - Think fedoras or pillbox hat for a more formal look.  Full faces - Think floppy hats with a shallow crown to elongate.  Above all, if it looks good ROCK THAT HAT!

Floppy Hat, Furry Puffer Dylan Jacket, Ingrid Ysla Necklace, Veronica M Top, Suede Boots

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If you are looking for a fun, more casual alternative, a baseball cap is an excellent choice!  Throw one on while working out or running errands around town.  Hair should be worn in a low pony or tucked behind your ears.  P.S. Another fun alternative, especially on a chilly day, is a warm knit beanie.

C.C. Beanie, Sol Angeles Tassel Sweatshirt, Level 99 Denim

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As Coco Channel so aptly put it "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."  If the hats a bit much....leave it at home.  With a fab wardrobe and accessories from Range you may not need a snazzy lid.  Style on Style Rangers!! XOXO - Sabrina Davis - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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