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Watch Your Ass!!!!

I am constantly in search of the "see me coming and watch be going pair PERFECT pair of bottoms"! Most of us have 20 pairs minimum BUT only keep our top three in rotation.  Why do we keep buying but not wearing? Most likely we are not paying attention to fit. To help in this area, let's dissect what styles look best on who's hiney!One of our Style Ranger's Looking Stellar in Skinnies and Boots - Shop Range Boutique Now

One of our Style Ranger's Looking Stellar in Skinnies and Boots - Shop Range Boutique Now

If you are self-conscious about your booty, for good reason or not, you probably shy away from the Skinny Jean.  However, worn with the right top and a great pair of boots most of us can pull off this look. Best tops include flowy or drapey tops, tees, and sweaters that fall below the crotch and rear.

tummy control leggings, shapewear, look skinny

We've got you covered front to back in these amazing tummy control leggings by Lysse
Shop Range Boutique Now

Leggings!  Whether you are a legging aficionado or a newbie - you should definitely have a pair of Lysse leggings in your closet! They have created an amazing fabric that provides optimal support for your thighs, tummy and rear all while keeping muffin top at bay and staying in place on your behind.  BTW, leggings work for most body styles as well. If you love your behind you can wear short tops but if that's too risqué a cute tunic or long sweater works great, too. If you're still a gotta have denim gal but anti skinny jeans fear not, Level 99 is a great brand and has tons of styles.  Using premium denim fabric that flatters a woman's curves without breaking the bank (price point around $100-140) Level 99 is our triple threat denim! Try a boot cut which can balance out a more bountiful bottom by drawing the eyes down. A straight leg is another option, too and looks great on people with smaller derrieres. Either cut, you've got more freedom here with tops, sweater and tees so have some fun. I personally love a fitted button down with either of these cuts then add pointy-toe stilettos for a clean, classic & sexy look!

LEVEL 99 CHLOE BOOTCUT, Boot Cut, Denim, Range Boutique We love the long vertical lines created by Level 99 Chloe Boot-Cut! Booty lifting & flattering fabric make them the best denim line - Shop Range Boutique Now for Denim

One last thing - Rise Up! You can't wear a jean or cord that looks good on your rear but exposes an overflowing muffin top when you bend over. A mid-rise is a good solution for muffin top.  High rise is also an option but I find them to be a bit uncomfortable and somewhat of a "novelty style".

mid to high rise pants, cords, marrakech, range boutique

I'm loving these new loose fit, mid-rise cords from Marrakech ! Shop Range Boutique Now

For more tips, watch for next weeks blog! xoxo - Sabrina Davis - your Style Ranger Range Boutique - Atlanta


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