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Do you like to be cuffed?

Yes, Style Rangers, you know what we are talking about.   Cuffing in a sense of our favorite "f word" - fashion.  Leather, snakeskin, eel skin, bronze, name it, we want it on our wrists!  Spring is upon us, bring on the sleeveless tanks and shoulder bearing tops! What better way to add some fashion flare to your already amazing Style Ranger wardrobe than an exquisite cuff!

We will start with our new fav, the STUNNING Cynthia Desser cuffs!  Cynthia builds her pieces around her unique materials by combining skins and metals, contrasting textures, and unusual finishes - making the unexpected come together.  Her brilliant pops of rich color and creamy hues with a dash of sparkle make these beauties a girls best friend, move over diamonds, the Cynthia Desser Cuff is where it's at.  Stack them or decorate each wrist WONDER WOMAN STYLE and sashay into your next spring shindig like you own it!

For a more understated, boho chic look, Luke & Lyla leather cuffs are a Style Ranger staple. Their rich leather and vintage inspired pendants look great alone or layered with beads and metallic cuffs or bracelets in various shades and colors.  So stock up and stack on with a Luke & Lyla cuff!

A recent Range addition, the Coastal Road cuff collection, combines beautiful colors and soft textures for a truly unique look.  Each leather cuff begins as a sketched inspiration and is hand made by the designer using custom embossing plates.  Kick up your "day at the beach" ensemble with a Coastal Road cuff or three!

So Style you love to get cuffed?  If so, hold 'em up, and let our in house Style Rangers arrest you with some of these beauties!

Style on Style Rangers!



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