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Are You Aniston A-List Style Obsessed or a Fun Cali girl like Cam or Kate?!

What to wear, what to wear - if you are like me, (around 40's ...maybe a little older, maybe a little younger, maybe we will not ask) stylishly dressing without the unfortunate "Cougar" or "Stepford Wife" subtext can be a challenge.  One of our favorite Fashion Icon's comes to mind...Jennifer Aniston. She seems to look effortlessly chic and stylish, thus managing to walk the fine line between Sexy and Sexed Up!  Oscar snub or not, this Style Icon has it figured out and we love her for it.  Here's how our BFF (Best Fashion Friend) Jen does it.

One word - Perfection Image credit to

One color, One Word - Perfection - Image credit to

Jennifer sticks with great neutrals.  Varying shades of cream, grey or black are her go to colors.  A simple dark grey dress with a plunging neckline - Style Ranger's take note, Jen's basic colors are much easier to take a fashion risk in than say a red or a hot pink hue (which we still love).  While cream and black are "standard issue" colors, you have more freedom with the fabric style and cut of the garment.  Case in point our HOT HOT HOT black Benjamin Jay Collection Jezebal skirt. 

BENJAMIN JAY JEZABEL SKIRT, Black Skirts, Range Boutique

SEX Appeal without STREET (walker) appeal! Buy Online Here!

Next on our Style Icon's fashion list -  Tank Tops!  Yes, a tank top, enter Range's Skinny Tee.  Take this simple fashion staple and layer it.  Jen typically chooses a scarf, draped oh so perfectly and loose around her neck (wool, linen, cotton - vary by season), a tailored blazer or Style Ranger's have the added option of Ingrid Ysla's necklaces and a Luke & Lyla leather cuff.  Taking a simple fashion staple, the Skinny Tee tank top provides the right amount of coverage but leaves something to the imagination with it's perfect fit and blank canvas to add your fav accessory.

Jennifer Aniston, Fashion at every age, Fashion in your 40's

Jennifer Aniston Style, Skinny tees, Range Boutique.

So Style Rangers, you've got the basics.  While we focused on Jen today (bless her little Oscar less heart), let's not forget two of our other Hollywood favs.  Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson set the standard and the stage on FIRE.  Unlike Miss Jen, Cam and Kate ROCK color!  Cam's fun California Girl style represents everything that we love about fashion.  She doesn't take herself or her style too serious but she always looks amazing. If you air on the side of a casual and boho chic look pay attention to Kate's killer style.Both Cam and Kate dress age appropriately but still have fun!

California Style, Cameron Diaz, Orange Victoria Beckham Dress

California Cam on FIRE in Orange! Pic courtesy of


Kate Hudson, Boho Chic, Range Boutique, California Style

Casually Cool Kate ACCESSORIES, yes please! Pic courtesy of

Come have fun with us!  Our Style Rangers are ready to get you red carpet or red dress ready! Style on Style Rangers! xoxox Your Style Ranger


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