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Style Ranger Candy Goldstein

Candy is a bombshell Style Ranger! A southern belle through and through she is all that a woman from Georgia should be...sweet, smart, caring, beautiful, fun and sassy all rolled into one!

This hottie headed from Albany  to Auburn with her equally fun & stunning identical twin sister, Sandy. The Tigers knew a good thing when they saw it, and got these two Tigrettes to be hostesses for the Athletic Department & help with  football recruiting. ROAR!!!!

After graduating, Candy worked as a court reporter. Although the case at hand was always top focus for her, we would imagine the jury probably had difficulty not sneaking peaks at this beauty typing away. She eventually turned in her stenotype to become a wonderful housewife to loving husband Jimmy, doting mom to her & her husband’s children and an advocate to abandoned pups everywhere helping get them into loving homes.

Angels Among Us is one of the many animal rescue groups our kind hearted gal volunteers with, and honestly we view her as an Angel among us.  Interesting side note: she originally decided to go to Auburn for veterinary school but couldn’t handle the dying part of working with animals so she changed her major. Her love for our four legged friends still remained strong so now she spends countless hours a month with over five rescue groups making sure that the furry creatures of the world are safe & sound.