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Style Ranger Jana Smith

Jana Smith is a spectacular & inspirational representation of a Style Ranger. This stunner has got it all: zen, beauty, kindness and a realness that exudes through in everything she does. Born and raised in NY she recently moved to the ATL from Chicago for her husband's job, and boy do we feel lucky to have her. A fabulous mom to three children and a loving wife to John who she met in 7th grade, she loves her life and tries to live it to the fullest.

This radiant beauty has always had a positive attitude, but after being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy over 4 years ago she’s learned to love herself and her reflection in a completely different manner. Yoga helped a lot and entered her life in a miraculous way. Following her eye having to be sewn shut for almost a year, she begged the doctor to open it. Within a week of that she saw a posting for yoga teacher training and it felt like a sign from the universe. The well-known practice that combines mind, body and spirit has given her a path to heal from this debilitating virus that paralyzed the right side of her face. She never thought she would be able to conquer the world with a smile again especially because her smile would never be the same. She was wrong though….now you can find her light shining through in front of tons of Atlanta women teaching, encouraging and motivating them to be the best that they can be!