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Style Ranger's Dana & Erica

“Sisters by marriage, friends by choice!” These breathtaking women make the whole in-law thing look like a dream and have us wishing we all could marry into this clan. Although they barely spoke when they originally met at a party when Dana Perrigo Escher first started dating Erica Escher’s brother Max, they have made up for it the last nineteen years and are thick as thieves. It’s no wonder this endearing duo gets along so well. They not only have family in common, both beauties also love so many of the same things: exercise, puppy time, shopping, family time, good wine and traveling near & far.

Their innate kindness and good spirit is quite apparent and it’s clear to see why Erica thinks Dana is the best mom and Dana thinks Erica is an amazing aunt to her two sons and daughter. When asked what their favorite thing about their sister-in-law was, Dana said “My favorite thing about Erica is her gentle spirit, giving heart and non judgmental attitude towards others (very accepting)!” Erica said “My favorite thing about Dana is I can talk to her about absolutely anything, she is very open and honest. I take her advice with great heart.” Well Max, you certainly brought a great addition into the Escher family when you married your stunning wife Dana, and your gorgeous sister Erica couldn’t be happier.

These ladies are fabulous examples of Style Rangers. We enjoyed witnessing and highlighting their family bond at our photo shoot and love seeing their pretty faces shopping at Range.