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Style Ranger's Kerri & Caroline

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother!” Well Caroline, you got the best manual ever! All mother and daughter relationship are so finely tuned and wonderful, especially between this exquisite pair! Kerri has two amazing daughters and although we missed having Alex at the shoot, we loved documenting Kerri Clark & Caroline Clark 's fabulous relationship through pictures for a day.

Funny, smart, gracious, and beautiful are just a few adjectives to describe this charismatic combo. Between laughing for hours, supporting each other with life’s curve balls and celebrating the good times with frozen yogurt….these two make sure that their time together is always well spent. We love having them as our customers because the energy between them is so exhilarating and makes our day a little brighter. Plus, it’s so nice to see the pride factor each shares for the other. When asked a few questions, Caroline said her mom is her #1 supporter and is more of a best friend than anyone I know. Kerri said that she’s learned from Caroline that when you do something , go all in and do it with passion. Hmmmm…..kinda makes us want to call our mom just to say we love her today.

These knockouts are Style Rangers to the NTH Degree. Not only do they look incredible in our clothes, they are also the kind of women others want to emulate. Ladies, we appreciate you out there representing!