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Style Ranger's Nirali & Tejal

“Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart.” Spending a day photographing these stunning women gave us a wonderful window into the strong bond that sisters truly share! The younger pair of three amazing girls, their parents instilled that nothing is more important than family…well these gals received the message loud and clear. They have stayed close to each other through the years with each having attended UGA for undergrad and then making their homes here in the ATL where their children also get tons of cousin time together.

Other than the gorgeous genes they have in common, they share other similarities as well.  Both are excellent doctors and moms plus they are friendly, Bond girl beautiful, driven, loving, loyal, super fashionable and always make time to spend QT together. Whether cheering on their Dawgs, goofing off with the kids on family night, or walking Chastain to catch up you can be sure that these two enjoy every moment together. Their connection is truly one to be cherished because it not only provides a best friend, but also comfort, an overwhelming sense of love, and a confidence in who they are together and apart. .

These sassy sisters are Style Rangers extraordinaire! We’d all love to have a sister like one of these two but since each gal is a one-of-a-kind we consider ourselves lucky to have them as our wonderful customers.