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Style Ranger's Pat, Savannah & Ava

“Grandmother – A Title Just Above Queen!” Shooting this exquisite Queen Bee and her stunning lineage for our ad campaign was truly a magnificent experience! Patricia Bowman Terwilliger, Savannah and Ava are not only supermodel beautiful, fabulously fashionable, warm hearted and wickedly funny, they also gave us an inside peek of what it is like to be a part of their amazing family for a day.

Our terrific trio not only shares phenomenal DNA, they spend so much time together that you can see how their wonderful personality traits ebb and flow through each other. Pat’s hilarious and delightful laugh is one of her granddaughters’ favorite things about her, and it truly is contagious because she has these girls smiling from ear to ear when they are all together. Whether jet setting around the world for family trips, enjoying each other at lake cookouts, talking on the phone to give support for the highs and the lows in each other’s lives or just goofing off together for silly photos, these stunners always make the most of their time with each other.

Included in the definition of grandmother is “a combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love; a person who overlooks your faults, praises your every success and encourages your dreams.” Pat, you are a grandmother in its truest form, and we see why your gorgeous granddaughters look up to you and where they get their great outlook on life, kindness and thoughtfulness.

Style Rangers to the core, we are proud to have this multi generation group of ladies not only as our models & customers but also as our friends.